Music and Video Art

“Artillerie- Granate” (2022)- Dress Rehearsal, Nov. 3, 2022

Prelude for Low Frequency Trio – “Euronymous” (2016)

Featured New Releases

Christian M. Newman, Hot Summer Nights- Electroacoustic Works for Mixed Ensemble (2016), cover by S.N. Babay; prod. by C.M. Newman and S.N. Babay @ Baby Bubba’s Baking Company, April- December, 2015

Zoviet France, “Something Spooked the Horses”, The Decriminalization of Country Music (2000), cover by C.M. Newman; prod. by C.M. Newman and S.N. Babay @ Perineum Pines, June 10, 2022

Studio Releases

Sigils and Other Spells (2018), Anna Mall & Christian M. Newman

Live Performances

Listen to tracks from the live premiere of “Censorship Party” – For Live Drummer and Fixed Media (Premiered at Red Gorilla Studios, Abq, NM March 16, 2022)

Music Visualizer Projects